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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Whoa, where did the summer go?!

August is a busy month for us.

1 - Say a Prayer for Gran that all goes well for her surgery today!
4 - Ryan starts his "new" job.
7 - Baby doc appt
8 - Kids get measured. I noticed in ONE year, Derrick grew about 4-5 inches on our wall.
10 - Unkie Matt's Bday! And the Applebee's Baby Shower - for all 5 of us. I'm kind of looking forward to having a shower for this baby :o) Even tho I really don't need anything.
11 - Our 7th Anniversary :o) Luv you Ryan!
20 - College kids begin returning and we get busy at work :o) And my babysitters start returning!!!
22 - My 30th Bday. And Unkie Britt and Almost-Auntie Christine's Wedding! Oh yes, Ryan, I didn't forget your 1/2 Bday - Ryan's 32 1/2 Bday :o)

I'm sure there's more happening, lots of other bdays especially. Mom and Dad are coming down sometime when it works for the both of us to bring Eve her pink cake. Speaking of that cake. Eve's been talking about G making her a pink cake with "brinkles" on it for a LONG time. I sat down with Eve at bedtime the other day and asked her why she gets a cake. She said bcuz it's her turn. Dirkie got a white cake, and now it was her turn. She remembers D's bday cake Mom made him way back in like March! She didn't have a cake for her 2nd bday, Mom knew she loved chocolate zucchini cake, so she made her a few loaves of that. Eve LOVED it. But I guess she knows she missed out, and wants her cake! :o) What a little stinker.

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