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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

Here's some pics of the kids enjoying their "firemens" as they called them :o) They didn't care too much for the big fireworks, but LOVED the sparklers and smoke bombs, etc.

The kids are also kind of catching onto the whole baby thing. So we'll see how many more cute things they do in regards to it! Yesterday, Eve jumped on my gut or something again, and I reminded her to stop doing that bcuz the baby is in there. Then I asked her if she wanted to say "Hi" to the baby. I figured she'd be like - NO WAY! But she came up to my tummy, and whispered in a really stinking cute voice, "Hi, Baby" and then started giggling. It was really cute. She's the one I'm not real sure will handle the baby coming in on her territory. She's always been a territorial girl when it comes to Mom, so when baby needs me more often than she'd like, it may not fly so well. I'll have to make sure to set aside plenty of Eve and Mom time so she doesn't feel like the baby is taking her place. Derrick will probably care less, just like he didn't care when Eve arrived. He'll be more interested in showing the baby his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and doing their sword fights.

Ryan also had to "reapply" for his job the other day. Bethany decided to hire out a security firm to do their security needs. The interview went really well and he was sort of offered a job in the cities in administration, which would be pretty cool. But after he read thru their packet of information, he believes he was misled. He tried getting a hold of the company today to clarify, but no one would answer their phone, and no one would return his phone call. We'll have no insurance for a few months as the switch happens (not good when I'm preggo!), but not an issue for the kids or him as we'd just get catastrophe insurance. I won't bore you with the rest of the insurance details! He did some research online at the Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Broadstreet, and lets just say this company didn't do so well. So he's not so sure he wants to work there. We are looking into other "options" I guess you could say. I think Ryan has so many talents that are not being put to full use up at Bethany, and maybe a new job would allow him to use all his strengths God has given him. We'll move forward and trust that God will lead us down the right path for us. And I'll hope for a day job :o)

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