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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 1/2

I turned 2 1/2 yesterday! Can you believe I'm so old?

I LOVE to talk anyone's ear off that will listen.

I'm convinced G is making me a pink cake with "brinkles" on it, just because I want one.

I adore Clifford the Big Red Dog and have to sleep with him every single night.

My favorite food is Chocolate. My second favorite food is cereal.

I don't like to take naps. Nor do I like to go to bed at night.

I like to tell Mommy or Daddy that I love them, especially when I think I'm about to get spanked :o)

My favorite exercise is JuMpInG. Especially off furniture. Like doing belly flops off the couch.

And my best bud is my puppy dog, Zale.

Well, I guess Dirk is my friend, too. He lets me play toys with him.

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