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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Evie, Evie, Evie

Where should I even start. This little girl has a mind of her own and she will make sure she gets her way come hell or highwater.

On a cute note before I get into the gory details: Yesterday, or actually on Thursday since it's like 130am on Saturday now, Ryan bought me two roses, one red one, one yellow one. Eve claimed the red one immediately. But it's been cute watching her smell the roses :o)

Now, she's definitely into the "Twos" now. The magnet board (see previous post) has been AWESOME with Derrick. He will do whatever it takes to get that magnet so he can buy his turtles, even eat food he doesn't like. Eve on the otherhand, could care less and pretends she doesn't hear me telling her to pick up the books she just threw all over the floor. I guess while I was at work, Ryan rented a movie for the kids, and bought some Starbursts (kids favorite) and grape pop. They couldn't have any treats until their spaghetti was finished. Eve was bound and determined to get her treats without eating her dinner. Ryan stood his ground, for an hour, and listened to her just scream. Derrick thought he could get away with it also, but when the threat of a magnet being taken away was given, the food was gone in a flash. Eve didn't care. She went to bed screaming still for her candy. She has will power. I give her that. Which is good for later in life, with peer pressure and stuff, but right now I'm hoping this next kid doesn't inherit any of my genes! Ok, no personality genes of mine, he/she can have the good looks tho :o)

Also, Eve has gotten into remember that G and Gran both make cakes. So she told me the other day that G was going to make her a purple cake with "brinkles" on it. They LOVE sprinkles on EVERYTHING at G's house. I asked her once, "Where should we go today?" She replied - "To G's house! G makes me a cake. A purple cake. With brinkles on it." I asked her why she should get a cake. Her response, in a cute little stinker voice, " 'cuz I do."

She also does the same thing when I ask her if she wants to go to Gran's house. But I think Gran's cake for Eve is supposed to be pink if I remember correctly. She so does love her sweets!

Well, I'm quite tired, so I'm going to head off to bed. More stories to come...

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