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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Free and/or Cheap Finds

At Walgreen's this week -
Many toys are B1G1
So the flashlights were 2/$6.98
I used a $5 Jingle Cash from last week =
$2 and change
The Princess Card games was $5.99
I used a $5 Jingle Cash from last week =
At Walmart
Pictureka $5.24
I used a $5 off Pictureka (12/5 SS, internet coupon NLA)
24c + tax

My Finds at Target
I bought 2 Hungry Hippos @ $4.99/ea
I used 2 $5 off Hungry Hippos which is NLA
but it was in the 12/5 SS if you were lucky enough to get that.
Total - FREE
I bought 2 BIC Mark-it Markers on clearance for $4.99/ea
I used 2 $5 off Coupons that are NLA from BIC on Facebook
Total - FREE
All I had to do was pay tax ($1.47)

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