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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Do List

Haven't done one of these in a while! Here goes...

"Due Date" - Thursday Morning
Yeah. We're going to extend this due date until Friday. Because I'm the boss and I say I can ;o)

Living Room
1. Put all presents away
DONE! But I'm sure I'll do it again. 2. Vacuum
3. Fix curtain rod
4. Scrub entry floor
5. Organize bookshelf
Dirk Did It! 6. Organize shoes
7. Clean fishtank
DONE! 8. Take Christmas scene down
Ornamets are down! 9. Take tree down
DONE! 10. Take stockings down
Storing them another way now 11. Organize dresser drawers into toy drawers for each kid
12. Put plastic on windows

Kitchen/Dining Room
DONE! 1. Do all dishes
2. Put all dishes away
DONE! 3. Clean counter (under coffee maker and microwave also)
4. Clean table
I swept instead :o) 5. Scrub floor
6. Clean top of stove
7. Organize refrigerator
8. Organize freezer
9. Put window coverings back up (I finally washed them!)
10. Clean off top of refrigerator

1. Clean sink
DONE! 2. Clean toilet
3. Clean bathtub
4. Clean floor

Our Bedroom
1. Put all clothes away (unpack suitcase)
2. Figure out what to do with all the kids' clothes they've outgrown
3. Clean off dresser
4. Where to put my new mirror?
5. Vacuum
6. Put bedding back on bed
7. Put plastic on windows.
8. Put up new drapes!!!

Kids' Bedroom
1. Put all clothes away (unpack suitcase)
2. Organize buckets of clothes that are too big yet
3. Vacuum
DONE! 4. Fix broken window, throw glass away
DONE! 5. Put up plastic
6. Fix armoire drawer? If possible.

DONE! 1. Vacuum
2. Finish laundry
3. Fold laundry
4. Put laundry away
DONE! 5. Take out garbages
6. Organize toys!!!!
7. Fix wall by stairs, and on stairs

DONE! 1. Deposit $
DONE! 2. Cut up Christmas cards into gift tags and postcards
3. Look up grocery ads/match up coupons!
DONE! 4. Clean out purse, ugh.
DONE! 5. Do surveys from receipts - I will win!
1/2 Done! 6. Set up appts for V & S for pics
DONE! 7. Set up appt for S's 4 mo checkup
DONE! 8. Get calendar written on
9. Put calendar up!
10. Buy containers for crayons and coloring books
11. Write Thank Yous


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