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Friday, December 31, 2010


One way I earn some extra spending money is by doing product reviews for www.viewpoints.com. Every so often they send me a message saying if I do "X" number of product reviews (I write a paragraph or 900 characters on a certain product in a certain category) I will received $X to Amazon. Through today, if you write 10 product reviews, you get $10 to Amazon. I just finished mine. I try to write 1 more than it asks for, just in case one of my reviews gets lost, or doesn't count because it's in a different category than they asked for, etc. I did a few of these over the last few months and was able to save up $25 or $35, I don't remember exactly, for Christmas presents! And with the sales I found on Amazon, that amounted to about $50-75 worth of gifts! Not bad for a few minutes it took to write up each review.

If you're interested, check them out! I've always received my Amazon gift card codes, so no complaints here!

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