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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Free and/or Cheap Finds

If you like A1 Sauce, this is better.
It's got that A1 flavor
with a kick to it!
I received 15 free product coupons from them,
I get to keep 4, and give 11 away!
Who wants one?!
The best is on hamburgers (or meatloaf)!
PS, for those of you in Mankato,
you can only find these at the Hilltop Hy-Vee!

My Target trip.
Ore-Ida fries on sale for $2.59 ea.
Used Target coupon for $2/2 plus a 50c one I had received from the company

Cocoa Krispies on sale for $2.33/ea
(If I was on top of it, I forgot my Walgreen's ad to get it price matched to $1.99)
Used $2/2 Rice or Cocoa Krispies
Used $1/2 Rice or Cocoa Krispies
Used buy 2 Krispies get marshmallows FREE ($1.02)

Cottonelle $2.24
Used Free product coupon from company

Kandoo Kid Wipes $2.49
Used Free product coupon from company

2 Tide single washes 97c/ea
Used 2 - $1 off coupons from 12/12

I splurged and bought Reeses minis for a gift project we're doing with the kids

Juicy Juice $2.09
Used $2 off juice when you buy 2 Kellogg's cereals

Total OOP $6.87 + tax
Savings $17.06


Jena said...

I'll take a Country Bob's.

Jena said...

I suppose you need someway to contact me, I think this links my email

Jenarally Speaking said...

Okay so I am dumb, helps if I put the correct link

The Zeldenrust Family said...

Jena, you're links are not working :o(

And all bottles have now been spoken for! Enjoy the sauce peeps!