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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas

Auntie Marcie getting her sewing machine to make her
domesticated, barefoot and pregnant.
Cousin Kyrsten in her
Bow Queen loveliness
Auntie Marcie got Sylvia's name.
Why does this gift from her not surprise me?!

Uncle Scottie attacking Eve :o)

I LOVE this sweater from G & G!
Victor liked opening presents piece by piece...

Eve wanted to show us as many presents
as possible at the same time

My pretty princess :o)

HAHA! These two tried to blow out the
Yule Log on the tv! It was cute!

I have no idea how to put a beret on!
But isn't she cute nonetheless?

I miss this the most living so far away -
Just the family happiness
Except for Sylvia, she doesn't think the joke was that funny!
Dirk got Iron Man 2 from G & G

This picture doesn't do her excitement justice.
She was one thrilled little girl!

Oh Pepper Dog.
He's roughly 184 people years old
or something like that ;o)
He loved this sound effects book!
Eve and her PINK Legos!

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